Thursday 19 November 2015

Workshop Card Selection

Where has the time gone. Thursday all ready and not had time to complete my toppers from Eileen's Workshop. are the first cards I have finished.


  1. A great selection, love the last one lol! Very cute, I've only manage to finish one of mine so far, forgot to photograph it too, sent it to my Daughter, just not getting the time at the moment, or the energy lol xx Zoe xx

    1. I'm sure your attention is needed elsewhere Zoe....! Found another batch of stamped toppers to finish as well so will be kept busy.

  2. These look great Barbara, love them all. Kx

  3. Lovely selection of cards - you HAVE been busy! Especially love those cute snowmen faces on the last card. xx

  4. Fantastic work from you Barbara... super day and yummy goodies to eat thanks to you xxxxx


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