Thursday, 17 April 2014

Parchment card with Gerbera and spiral leaf

 Playing with parchment......with a Stamp from Designs by Ryn

          I cut my parchment with a Spellbinders die first and then I stamped the images onto a piece of card and then on the right side of the parchment outlined the flower and foliage with a white pen. Worked from the wrong side using colouring and parchment tools to create my piece. I made a card from a Tonic Layering die which has a really small "deckle". In the oval set of 14 dies alternate die are plain. I used the next size down from the white to cut the plain oval. Think it all works well together..............


  1. This ia absolutely stunning, Barbara, I love it!.....I've never worked with parchment, but I'm not gonna start either, haha I'll leave it to you xx

  2. The die shape makes it look more elaborate. I don't do a lot of parchment work but every so often I get an urge!! x


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