Sunday 13 August 2017

Allhallows Workshop - my results

After  a great start things ground to a halt, though I managed to avoid everything going in the bin!  As they say tomorrow is another day so I allocated today to save what I had done and do a couple of samples of the second card at Eileen's Workshop...So here are my 4 cards.
A great day as usual though there were some poorly absentees. Wishing them well and hope they make next month's class.

This is the little devil who caused the problem or maybe it was me trying to stamp thesentiment with foam pads on the back!  lol

Today was much better and really enjoyed making this and the following card

My favourite!

Thanks for looking


  1. A beautiful selection of cards, Barbara, I especially love the Thank You card. xx

    1. Thanks Liz. They are quite quick for batch making. x


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