Sunday 11 December 2016

Workshop cards from Eileen's Crafty Zone

A trio of Star cards
Had a guaranteed super day at Eileen's Workshop.

A lovely set of stamps to work with. Maker's name escapes me for now but will pop back and share with when I remember!   ( It's Unity Stamps)
Big and Juicy Ink Pads are great to get shading without much effort.
A nice bit of matt and layering to finish and that's it!



  1. LOVE the cards here, LOVED the WS day as it was such a happy day and ADORED the baking you did ... had three mince pies but always room for more... just sayin ! Thank you so much for the link and mention here Barbara xxx
    Eileen xx

  2. You're very welcome dear Friend....What's not to enjoy - such lovely company and I always enjoy seeing the art work from so many talented Students...x


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