Sunday 10 July 2016

Workshop Results

A great Saturday in the company of my like minded crafting Friends
Always a good time At Eileen's Workshops

Here are some of my makes of the resist technique using glue and a scoring board. loads of inks and I shoes Jofy Stamps for the over stamping

 Some of my Collall glue lines were rather thick and dried more white than the Elmers glue.I rather like the effect.  My favourite is the "bark" effect one especially  to I found a wavy lined score board

Love these larger Jofy Stamps. Will need to make an investment I think!




  1. Super card. Love the effect of this technique. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing your makes Barbara... This technique is brill and I think you have really NAILED it! Super cards and tasty cakes!!! love yer
    E xxx


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