Tuesday 4 August 2015

How to achieve a Circle Card that doesn't do a Roly Poly!!

Hi - I have been asked how to get a circle card to stand up without rolling around !! Here hopefully is the way I like to do it as I like symmetry and prefer not to have a flat bit in my circle.....I hope you will leave comment on how you feel I managed. Then I might get a few more tutorials done!!I have used the outer circle from the Crealies Patchwork Set. This is a very basic step by step...I hope I can help those who are new to circle dies....

First step is to fold your card. You can use a pre-scored card base if you prefer. Let the die show a small amount as shown on the folded  side. Tape down if necessary

Front of card with die in position. Run through your machine

This is what the folded edge now looks like.

You'll need a scoring board or similar. Line up the folded edge to the left.

to make your card stand flat score a line on the right hand side as shown. This only need to be 1-2mm. I usually use the first channel that I can score. Cut this small piece off

This is what the card base looks like now

This is what your fold line looks like

Now cut a single circle and stick it onto the card base. Voila your little straight line on the fold has gone but...................

Your card is standing!!
          Front of card                                                                                                       Back of card

Thank you for having a look ...Have fun!
Any questions please ask as a  comment and I will try to help


  1. Aha . . . I see what you did there! Good idea! Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, very cleaver, would never have thought of that, will certainly try it.

    Hugs June Smith xxx

  3. Thanks for that Barbara very clear to follow. Look forward to the next tutorial.


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