Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Hibiscus Flowers keep on Blooming!

Designs By Ryn - Hibiscus Flowers and Moon Wing Moth Set


Here is the updated canvas with the new colour Moths. I think they blend in better with the overall design. Have left the original on - what do you think?
I used a canvas board which I primed with Gesso and left to dry. Used Wendy Vecchi modelling
paste to put through stencils after adding colour
I stamped a Moth onto the canvas and also some to cut out. Should have used a darker EP to make the Moths outline show up ..... think I stamp out another   couple.Flicked a little red ink and added micro beads for a bit more texture..
                          Here's Ryns link...
I bought my Moth Stamps from Oyster
I am posting this piece of art into Ryns Customer Challenge for March


  1. Beautiful! The flowers are stunning and look perfect against the background. xx

  2. Lovely looking canvas Barbara. Have a lovely day xxx

  3. Lovely canvas Barbara, I do like the moth stamps. x

  4. Lovely canvas Barbara, I do like the moth stamps. x

  5. You are totally blowing me away with these cards and canvases with the new Hibiscus designs!!! You are using them SO well! the embossing and colour choices in this one are gorgeous. Just love it Barbara!!! Way to go!


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