Saturday 8 November 2014

Allhallows Workshop - the Results!!

Card Samples using Distress Inks, Stamps and MemoryBox Dies....

 My Cards from Eileen's Workshop today.
We had great fun as usual and I was pleased with my results. Love the Memory Box Dies and thanks for Eileen's efforts in making us all a pack with the Die Shapes all ready cut out!! Thanks too to Bibiana who gave Eileen permission to use her design. Love it....see more of her designs on her Blog - here's the link:-

 Next favourite is the Poppies card. Love colouring and "doing" moons .....
Work in Progress on another card or two...will post another day....
Have a good weekend all.


  1. What a beautiful set of cards, love them all xxxx

  2. hello barbara: love the colors taht you used in the MB card, can I ask what are they?
    They look fabulous...and all the other cards are as equally beautiful...I am so sad to be so far from all you guys, Would love one day to attend eileen's workshops...what a thrill it must be...lucky you!!!
    thanks for sharing< I will make a special post for this at my blog soon :)
    hugs bibiana

    1. One day you may be in the UK and can join us for an "Eileen" Workshop - it would be great!! ( Have sent you a message/email about the colours)...x

  3. Cor . . . LOVE these Barbara. So envious of your ability to regularly attend Eileen's workshops.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. That first MB die cut is my fave. I'm with Bibiana . . . those colour choices are superb xxx


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