Tuesday 11 February 2014

The Results of Workshop One with Sweet Poppy Stencils!

What a lovely time I had with the lovely Ladies at my Workshop! We used Sweet Poppy Stencils today. Most of the Ladies had not done any paste stencilling. I think they all did really well and all managed to finish their card. The room was lovely and hot - just right for the paste to dry. Thanks Julie for giving me a hand!!
Here are the first batch. Second Workshop on Friday. Phew!!
 Still a couple of spaces available details at - www.jandccreations.co.uk
Busy Ladies
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 Didn't they do well!


  1. Wow fab work, well done xx

  2. Yes they did ... stunning stuff!
    Eileen xxxx

  3. These look fantastic..bet they look even better close up!


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