Thursday 30 January 2014

Flower Tree Stencil

Sweet Poppy Stencil:- THE FLOWER TREE
I made a circle card today using a Spellbinders circle die, cutting 2 circles of Centura Pearl for the base and a smaller one for the stencil work. Distressed the edges using scattered straw before placing the stencil. Used an assortment of pens to colour through each flower and the trunk. Used pearlescent paste through the stencil. Left to dry before assembling. The back of the card circle needs a crease across about half an inch  down to create the fold and I cut about 1/4" strip from the bottom of the same piece to stop the card from rolling. Stamped 3 butterflies coloured, cut and stuck.


  1. Hi Barbara, I have just found your blog and very impressed with all the different techniques that you've used. I am very interested in the stencilling with the different pastes. As I have never done any of this can you please advise me which products would be best to start of with. Thanks Beryl

  2. Hi Beryl and thanks for stopping by my Blog. Stencilling is great fun but a little daunting when you are starting out! I can recommend the pastes from Sweet Poppy Stencils. They make stainless steel stencils and in my opinion are some of the best. The 3 pastes which are good basics are Glossy, Translucent and Pearlescent. They all give a different finish depending on what colour you have put on through the stencil. There is a really informed guide on Facebook under Sweet Poppy Stencils if you have an account or go the their website Sweet-Poppy Stencils. You can print it off for reference. Hope that gives you a starting block. I am holding a Stencilling workshop in February so after the 14th please have a look out here for some photos of the results!. I know some of my Students are, like you, new to this technique so am looking forward to the results!!. Hope this has helped a bit. Please let me know if I can be of any more help. Some of my blogs are quick posts but I will try and do another soon with a bit more detail in the process and method. How does that sound? Happy Crafting Barbara

  3. Hi Barbara, my daughter is treating me to the transcluscent and one of the white ones (can't remember which)! I have a few stainless steel stencils. Can you use the pastes on masks or any non-metal stencils? I would love it if you can go into more detail with the method. I don't like face book so have looked on their website. I will definitely look after 14th Feb.

    1. Hi Beryl - The pastes work with non metal masks. I find that sometimes the flexibility does mean sometime you get a !bleed under the mask. Try to tape down as firmly as you can and "swipe" your spreader across with firm pressure at a steady rate .I would suggest the paste is spread at the top edge on to tape - if you start putting onto the mask straight away you may risk moving the mask design. I have a really lovely wavy stencil but it is a little devil in the middle. However I never waste and that is where you can usually add an embellishment into you design to cover the area where the mask has moved.. I would say have try. Colouring through masks that have more give in them - again be careful near the edges or you can mix colour into the paste - I have used acrylic paints, Pan Pastels and Perfect pearls to add colour, however have an airtight jar for any coloured paste left over as you do not want to contaminate your paste white or translucent.
      You will get used to the amount of paste you need for the stencils - for example a sentiment such as Happy Birthday would take far less than a design that has lots of space which you are filling. Hope this is of help. I will post some pictures of the samples I have made for the W/Shop using different mediums, May take a day or two to get the details on but I will get it on. Then I will build a picture" how to"....It is difficult to cover every thing so please feel free to ask any question Beryl. Have a good weekend Barbara

    2. Hi Barbara, I just want to say thank you very much for the help and advice. It is very much appreciated. I'm itching to have a go and have a few things whizzing through my head. I hope I don't make a mess of things! Can you put mica powders on whilst the stencil is still in place? Thanks again Beryl

  4. Hello Wendy - I tend to dust my powders after the stencil is removed - it helps to stop a big build up a block of powders and also if you have been heavy handed you can pop it back in the pot If you have used more than one colour and there is enough, store you own mix in a separate little jar. . Tip:- a nice soft brush ( I have loads but my favourite is a cheap make up blending brush, dipped into powders, tap excess off and hold about 8 - 12" above your work and tap, tap tap! This is a good way to get a mix of colours. Leave until perfectly dry - never be tempted to get rid of your excess too early. I tend to leave overnight to be sure. Then with the same brush you remove the excess.. Good luck! Please let me know how you get on!!


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