Sunday 1 December 2013

Rosette Christmas Tree Decoration

This table decoration turned out to be labour of love as I threaded all the beads myself. For every one that went on the thread about 3 bounced onto the floor!!
The concept is quite basic in that the centre upright is a covered straw and a number of rosettes are added.. Each rosette has circle of covered card to support it and are pushed onto the straw. Heat glue gun recommended for strength. Embellishments added - I chose beads to loop round and a pearl to finish. The top decoration is 2 "Bling Dazzles " glued back to back with beads round the " join".
I used Kraft style wrapping paper. About 135gsm. Card would, I think be too thick for creasing.
The tree could be made even simpler by stacking the rosettes on top of each other or a smaller gap left between each layer. I am sure you  will think of different styles.

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  1. Cor blimey ... this is FABULOUS ... clever stuff Barbara! xx


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